Social Justice through Diversity & Inclusion


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Cicely is a fantastic facilitator with a thoughtful and sensitive approach to complex intersectional challenges. I've worked closely with them in the anti-racism & anti-oppression space and they have definitely made their mark on Vancouver's conversations about meaningful inclusion. They have been crucial to the growing momentum of anti-oppression work in the city. Without reservation I would recommend them as an intelligent, genuine, process-oriented consultant to support organizations towards a more equitable future.

Daniella Barreto

Toronto, Canada

This human is so passionate and caring and allows growth to happen in such amazing ways. Cicely Belle is a joy and pleasure to work with and highly recommend hiring Cicely Belle!

Jaye Simpson

Vancouver, Canada

I took the Radical Professionals Breakfast Club with Cicely this summer (2018). We had an amazing group of folks that inspired the conversation and activities throughout. Cicely curated a very informative, inclusive, and vulnerable workshop each day. I would recommend it to all humans!

Mandi Parkes, Chill Foundation

Vancouver, Canada

Incredible thinker, communicator, and facilitator. I highly recommend working with Cicely Blain Consulting!

Tanille Geib

Victoria, Canada

Cicely has an amazing ability to turn our brainstorming into concrete results that can be used in our work, and which are visually very pleasing! I am normally not a fan of icebreakers and similar games, but Cicely’s were different from the norm and most of them were really fun and thought-provoking – I think this helped in creating a safe(r) space and group cohesion!

United World College

Maastricht, Netherlands

Our organisation of 20 people hired Cicely to address intersectionality within the internal structures and our work. They managed to put privileged people out of their confort zone in a learning educative approach and let minorities feel heard and supported. It was great for us to get this external expert eye and guide us into changing internal processes!

Transgender Europe

Berlin, Germany

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