Cicely Blain Consulting offers a range of services for individuals, organizations and groups that can be tailored to suit your particular needs.


Workshops are ideal, stand-alone opportunities to engage in inclusion and diversity discussions.


Diversity Auditing identifies challenges and areas for growth within an organization, from which a recommended plan can be developed.


Consulting provides tailored support for you and your organization ranging from advice about inclusive outreach to policy writing to regular coaching or check-in collaboration.

Facilitation supports groups to express their true creative selves and reach an end goal in record time, or to solve complex problems and conflicts in a supported, respectful way.


Please note: If you are looking for services as a result of a particular incident or problem discovered in your organization, we strongly recommend speaking with us about consulting services, which can provide a long-term, systemic improvement in organization understanding and behaviour.


We specialize in supporting organizations of all sizes to evolve the way they work and the environment they create. Our consulting packages are tailored to your individual needs, whether you’re looking to enhance your company ethos, start a business with inclusion as a core principle, connect with marginalized communities or solve conflict in the workplace.

Here's an idea of the work we do at Cicely Blain Consulting:


We offer a variety of carefully crafted workshops as well as tailored facilitation experiences to help you meet your goals.


For individuals looking to change the way they work, or managers who want to learn essential skills that lead to a more supportive, thriving environment for staff and community, coaching is a key tool to create meaningful change.

Policy Writing & Implementation

Whether it's an anti-bullying policy for a high school or community guidelines for a workplace, we can help you draft, construct and implement a policy that suits both your ethos and practical requirements. With the policy created, we’ll then work with you to share it with your staff and community members so it can be seamlessly, effectively implemented, using various workshops and facilitation techniques.

Job Description Editing

A big part of a more equitable and inclusive workplace is ensuring the outreach and recruitment process sets people up for success. We tailor language and soften barriers to make sure your job postings appeal to an array of applicants. 

Diversity & Inclusion Auditing

The audit process surveys for identities, experiences, and more to help identify challenges and areas for growth within an organization. It is a thorough evaluation, which results in a detailed report and tangible calls to action. 

Digital Media Scan

We scan your website, social media platforms, and any other digital interfaces such as user apps, for language and content that highlight learning opportunities. We then provide a report full of suggested alternatives and further self-guided learning materials. Based on our findings, you may choose to book workshops or coaching sessions to further elevate your inclusive digital media proficiency.

Sound like something you need? 



Facilitation is a powerful tool that allows organizations to complete complex and successful projects. With an external facilitator, employees can express their true creative selves and reach an end goal in record timing. Cicely Blain Consulting offers experienced facilitators who are able to manage conflict, solve complex problems and reach fast conclusions. ​

At Cicely Blain Consulting, we believe in an inclusive, respectful and non-judgmental approach to facilitation. We listen actively, work closely with clients to achieve their goals and use a variety of exciting and engaging techniques. Facilitation is ideal for team-building, staff retreats, training, conflict resolution or regular meetings. Our facilitation can be tailored to any topic or organizational need. 

We are unrivaled in our approach to facilitation. We are committed to creating ongoing relationships with our clients. We go above and beyond to understand the inner-workings of your organization and care deeply about supporting our clients.




We ​prepare powerful, unique keynotes by request. We specialize in all topics related to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Our keynotes are thoughtfully written and delivered with contagious energy that leaves folks with buzzing curiosity and radical introspection.

Blog Writing

We guest-author blogs about justice, equity, diversity and inclusion to feature on your site. Upon request, we get to know the tone of your platform and make sure our writing fits organically into your broader layout. We craft a piece that is poignant and accessible, and leaves readers thinking about anti-oppression as it relates to your organization's mission and society at large.

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Cicely Blain Consulting

Cicely Blain Consulting is a diversity and inclusion consulting firm that cares about you and your clients.

Land Acknowledgement

Our work takes place on the stolen, unceded and traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

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