5 Webinars on Racial Justice

February is #BlackHistoryMonth!

Webinars are a great way to engage in content without even leaving your living room! Here are some webinars (and webinar replays) that you can check out and share with colleagues:

1. Spiritual Activism by Rachel Ricketts

The Spiritual Activism 101 online workshop is an opportunity to come together to have sacred and spiritual conversation about how we can acknowledge our privilege, heal our race-related wounds and actively contribute to lasting, effective racial justice.


2. Intersections of Racism and Biphobia, Homophobia and Transphobia in Workplace Cultures by Cicely Blain (yes, that's me)

This webinar will shed light on the additional struggles faced by LGBTQ2+ people of colour and provide tips and tools on how to support those who are marginalized. We can each do our part to combat workplace racism!


3. Get Your House in Order: Strategies to Advance Racial Equity Inside Your Organization

This webinar will dig deeper into organizational practices that advance racial equity inside organizations. Participants in the 90-minute session are encouraged to analyze the internal structures and processes within their respective organizations.


4. Race Forward; Racial Justice Webinar Series

Race Forward launched the Racial Justice Webinar Series in order to make our highly requested trainings accessible and affordable to a wider audience. Race Forward Webinars cover a broad array of racial justice issues and are designed to help a range of audiences navigate the complex and contested terrain of racism with greater clarity, unity, and strategy.


5. Taking Your Anti-Racism Work To the Next Level

In this webinar, you’ll receive guidance that will help you strengthen your anti-racist practice. You’ll be provided with tools and resources to begin challenging and shifting the attitudes and actions that subtly perpetuate racism. You will also be provoked and pushed to go beyond comfortable anti-racism work and begin to challenge your own privileges.