Meet Odera: Black History Month

I decided to sit down with a few awesome Black folks doing business either full time or as a side hustle in the Lower Mainland and celebrate their work for Black History Month! Here's a tiny snippet into their lives.

NAME: Odera

PRONOUNS: They/Them He/Him BUSINESS: Illustrator & Painter You can view more of my work and find my pocket of the internet on IG/Twitter: @Odyism Tumblr: @Odera Etsy: Patreon: PASSIONS: Drawing and painting started as one of my earliest tools to express myself and perhaps it was a way of survival as well. The interest initially came from a love of 90s videogames, anime, and comics. Since then it's evolved into a way I can thread and alchemize pieces of my identity alongside narratives from the diaspora. INSPIRATIONS: - Black people. African people. People all across the african diaspora (even Wakandans). Especially the magical intersectional LGBTQ+ variety - My partner who is incredibly supportive in everyway and has a work ethic that lights a nice soothing flame under my bum. GOALS: For the month of February I have been posting an original piece of artwork in my store to celebrate Black History Month, along with the Black Present and Afrofuturism. So I am excited to finish the last few entries in the series. Other than that I want to expand my portfolio and patreon, and continue to ground myself and build in this new chapter of life in Vancouver.

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