Meet David: Black History Month

I decided to sit down with a few awesome Black folks doing business either full time or as a side hustle in the Lower Mainland and celebrate their work for Black History Month! Here's a tiny snippet into their lives.

NAME: David Markwei


BUSINESS: David Markwei Productions


I have always enjoyed being creative and engaging in the process of visual storytelling. After spending all my savings at 15 to buy my first DSLR camera, I found the perfect medium to do that. Whenever I work on a creative project, I always try to craft my work in a way which elicits a meaningful feeling or sentiment within the people I share it with. In this social media age where we are constantly having images thrown at us I believe the best kind of art is that which tells a story and that is what I am constantly trying to do.

An important emphasis I have placed on my work as well is highlighting diverse faces, particularly people of colour. It has been the case throughout history and even still today that standards of beauty have been largely Eurocentric. People with black and brown skin have frequently been pushed to the margins in art and beauty, exoticized and treated as curiosities instead of being allowed to feel beautiful in their own skin. An exciting part of my work is constantly finding creative ways to disrupt these established narratives.


I’m always looking for inspiration from various sources whether other artists, literature, media or the natural world around me. My creative role models range from Peter Jackson to Kendrick Lamar.


My main goal creatively is to continue getting better at my craft. I only recently started sharing my work more broadly, and in that time I have received such incredible responses and gained so much valuable experience that I have entered this year with a tremendous amount of energy to continue learning and growing in my art.