Meet Chris: Black History Month

I decided to sit down with a few awesome Black folks doing business either full time or as a side hustle in the Lower Mainland and celebrate their work for Black History Month! Here's a tiny snippet into their lives.

NAME: Christop Leopold BorEland

PRONOUNS: him / his/ he

BUSINESS: Elbo Jamaican Patties

@elbo_patties on Instagram

@elbo_patties on Twitter

Elbo Jamaican Patties on Facebook

PASSIONS: Since I was young I’ve always loved bringing people together in a space to break bread and just enjoy each other’s experiences. When we come together with food, we are all one. You can say I’m passionate about bringing people into a safe space with great food.

INSPIRATIONS: My parents are both entrepreneurs; they taught not only how the business works but how to run a business with honesty and integrity. The days I worked at the shops seeing the way my parents would engage with the people that came through that door no matter race, class etc. They had this skill of making a stranger feel like family. Being immigrants from Jamaica and building a life for us, to now me using those same tools to survive this world... I will always hold the lessons my parents taught me; they are the reason why I do what I do

GOALS: Growing this little empire I’ve started with my partner and staying on track; checking in with myself, making sure I stay true to vision.